Are you ready for love?

Let’s create a plan to position you to FALL in love…

You said 2021 was your year to...

Attract love

You know you desire to be in a healthy, loving relationship. But, you are unsure how to make that a reality.

Heal your heart

There are some old habits that are sabotaging your dating efforts- it is time to address them so you can give and receive love.

Set relationship goals

#relationshipgoals is more than a cute hashtag on Instagram. It is time to create a plan.


You want to attract love, but you never leave the comfort of your home except for work or church.

blessed dating client love

She is that non-judgmental big sister who lovingly holds up the mirror so that we can truly see ourselves. Once we see, she is there holding your hand to create a plan so that you can get it right.
M. H.
I like her approach to helping you pinpoint exactly who you're trying to attract, beyond the physical. The result was a shift in my focus. I decided to stop looking for him and start looking for myself instead.
Often we look at what others aren't doing and have done to us, instead of why we attract the people we do. Thank you for helping me to see some things about myself through a different lens.

Join us for the ready for love challenge:


  • Get clear about what you want/need in a relationship
  • Create a stress-free plan to explore your relationship options
  • Design a strategy to identify men who aren’t serious 
  • Make dating fun again!

 The ready for love challenge is a 7-day challenge designed to give you the tools to maximize your dating efforts this fall.  the challenge is supported with a private facebook society where you will receive all the support you need to be successful with your daily mini-lessons, accountability and encouragement.