Welcome to the Blessed Dating Experience.

Let’s face it, dating as a good thing is a little different from what the world would have you believe. We don’t dating arbitrarily, we date with intention- the intention of being married. There are 3 distinct phases of the Blessed Dating Experience: 


You don't catch a man, lady- you attract him.

Manna doesn't fall from heaven anymore and neither do husbands.As you wait for your future husband, there is work to be done. Together, we will restore your belief that love will happen for you. You deserve to be loved, lady.


Dating is a series of connections until one clicks.

 It is time to tap into your God-given power to express your needs. Your femininity is the key to connecting with your future mate. Unlock your true power and connect in a way you never have before.


You have attracted your man - now the real work begins.

#Relationship Goals are the myths of social media. It takes dedication from both parties to make your relationship successful. Let's create a framework for the daily commitment to share your heart and life with another human being.

Dear future husband, Are you ready for all this favor?

Your future husband is looking for you, lady. The Blessed Dating Experience is dedicated to giving you the support you need to navigate the dating scene intentionally. Have you lost hope that love will ever find you? Borrow my faith until you are ready to stand in your own. 

Hey Lady!


I see you. 

You are making it happen.

You are mom. 

You are boss lady. 

You are a mover and shaker. 

Making deals and facilitating change for your clients. 

Listening to your inspirational podcasts and eating lunch on the go as you travel to your next meeting. 

You have it all.



The money, 

The nice cars,

The nice vacations,

You are living the dream. 

Except it isn’t a dream. 

Your dream included a husband to share your life with. 

After series of failed relationships,  you question if love will ever happen for you. 

You are the favor over your future husband.

And, your future husband is looking for you. 

It is time to get into position to be found. 


navigating the dating scene is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s time to find out where you are stuck in the Blessed Dating Experience, lady. Together, we will create a plan to move forward. 

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