Bridge to Love Intensive

It's time to build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

Hey Lady! 

 This is the year you said you’d be intentional about healing your heart. 2019 is in full swing- but, The realization doesn’t bring you joy, though. You are reminded of the promise you made to yourself last  year. and the year before that. and the one before that. The promise that it would be the last  year you spent alone. Yet, here you are. Alone. 

You have become the master of dressing up the pain and loneliness. But, beautiful dresses and flawless makeup only mask the pain. You are dreading attending parties alone. You are dreading eating dinner alone. You are dreading returning home alone. 

Can I let you in on a secret? The truth is that your forever love is searching for you. The wait is excruciating, I know. If you are wondering what your next step should be- it should be to build a bridge from where you are to the love you desire.

The Bridge to Love Intensive is for you if...

You are ready to create a vision for your love life

You want relationships that are more fulfilling and healthy

You are ready to attract your forever love

You realize that what you are doing isn't working

BDE helped me change my entire mindset about dating. The result was a shift in focus. I decided to stop looking for him and start looking for myself instead. One thing I liked was their approach to helping you pinpoint exactly what you're trying to attract; beyond the superficial. I found the experience eye-opening. I recommend BDE to people who are ready to get serious about dating and connect with their perfect match.
- S. P.

If you are unsatisfied with the current state of your love life, I am ready to give you the keys to foster healthy relationships that will support your efforts to design a happier life. Learn to cultivate more loving relationships through creating a vision for the type of relationship you desire and a plan to make that dream a reality. 

I am arnitris Strong, certified christian relationship coach and i have been right where you are- brokenhearted, lonely and wondering if love would ever find me. it was during my darkest hours that i was directed to read Proverbs 18:22. with new eyes, i realized that i was the favor over my future husband! favor doesn’t chase, it doesn’t pursue, it doesn’t beg- it attracts. Join me for the bridge to love intensive to build a bridge from your dream of love to the love of your reality. The Bridge to love intensive takes place over the span of an 8 week period- we will meet virtually to formulate a plan to attract love into your life. 

After registration, you will receive pre-work to be completed before we meet via video conference for our first  60-minute intensive. 14 days later, we will meet again to conclude our work together. During the intensive we will identify: 

The 5 P’s that are hindering love from finding you

The 4 P’s of your Relationship Vision

Your Love Story

Your Edited Love Story 

Your Bridge to Love Blueprint

* All intensives include  45 days of email support & daily love notes 

The Bridge to Love Intensive is NOT for you if you believe: 

Love Will Never Find You

All the Good Men are Gone 

You have all the answers

Bridge to Love Intensive Format

Session One: Your background story 

Discuss foundation of who you are

Discuss childhood influences toward love 

Discuss how this foundation led to your relationship choices


Session two: crisis of conflict 

Discuss conflict, problems and excitement of your love story 

Identify patterns and pathology 


Session three: Current story 

discuss current love story after resolution 

identify non-negotiables and vision 


Session four: the next chapter 

discuss tying of any loose ends and find resolutions 

write the story of your future

Actionable  30-60-90 day plan to make it a reality 

Includes bridge to love journal 

* each session includes lovework and accountability 

sessions take place bi-weekly and last 90 minutes each 

Schedule your Bridge to Love Intensive today for the introductory price of $597!

My results after The Blessed Dating Experience are that I learned to recognize my worth and that I can speak life and death into any situation. I am no longer claiming that there isn't someone jus for me. I strongly recommend The Blessed Dating Experience to women who feel that they keep attracting the wrong men.
- F.G.