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I see you, lady

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After reading all of the best-selling self- help books and applying the methods you are still single. 

You’re beginning to wonder if love will ever happen for you. I understand. I have been right where you are. I even started to convince myself that I really didn’t want love. I had long since abandoned all hope for marriage. I was losing faith that a man would ever only want me and only me. 

A few years ago, I mustered up the strength to walk away from a relationship that was no longer serving me. If I am completely honest, the relationship had never fulfilled me. I didn’t want to let go of him, even though I knew that I should. The state of this relationship wasn’t his fault either, because the responsibility for my love life was mine.  I went through the painstaking work of healing my heart. I stood emotionally naked before the mirror and assessed every single piece of me. The process was painful, but it was also enlightening. Armed with my newly receptive heart, I started The Blessed Dating Chronicles. 

I am Arnitris Strong, certified Christian relationship coach and the big sister who will support you as your heal your heart. Together, we will create a plan so that you can date intentionally in preparation for marriage. 

The Blessed Dating Academy was designed with the single woman who desires marriage in mind. The woman who realizes she is favor over her future husband, but also understand that the waiting period is the time of preparation.  

Membership has its benefits...

  • Monthly masterclasses 
  • Journals and workbooks to support your learning 
  • Group coaching 
  • Daily love notes 
  • Unlimited support 
  • Monthly one-on-one girlfriend chats 
  • Exclusive community to discuss the issues single women face 
  • Discounts on quarterly live events 

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the love you seek is

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The love you seek is on the other side of your preparation. Your heart should be fertile ground for that love to grow and blossom. Join the Blessed Dating Academy today and get the support you need to attract love. 

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