Is The Blessed Dating Experience right for me?

If you are wondering if The Blessed Dating Experience is right for you, I understand. I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. Don’t need any convincing? Click the button below. 

Arnitris Strong

Chief Relationship Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Blessed Dating Experience different from other relationship courses? 

The Blessed Dating Experience is the signature relationship course developed by certified Christian relationship coach, Arnitris L. Strong. It is based upon the principle that all women are the favor over their future husband. BDE is different from other relationship courses because it is based on the word of God. There is no fluff or woo-woo it is biblically sound truth infused with the same process I went through to heal my heart and attract the love of my life. 

will the Blessed Dating Experience be a good fit for me? 

The Blessed Dating Experience is a good fit for women who are tired of attracting the same men with different names. It is designed to encourage you to take an introspective look at your dating efforts. during this inspection, we will examine and assess your relationships. We will take into account the common denominator in each of your relationships- you. This experience is a good fit for women who are ready to go through the uncomfortable process of taking ownership of their past missteps and creating a plan to date intentionally in preparation for marriage. 

what if i don’t have much time to spend right now? 

The Blessed Dating Experience combines live, interactive courses and webinars with pre-recorded ones. The videos are stored in our academy online and you have access to  them for as long as you are a member of the academy. In order to get the benefit of the sisterhood, it is recommended that you make yourself available for the monthly group coaching opportunities- those videos will not be available to protect the confidentiality of our sisters. 

how long until i see results?

individual results will vary and depend solely upon your willingness to “do the work” it takes to heal your heart, take accountability for navigating relationships the way you have in the past and apply those missteps moving forward. My elite clients have attracted healthy relationships into their lives in as little as 3 months after working with me. Are you ready to do the work  to attract the love you desire?if you are click the link below to join the society of sister living, loving, laughing and dating like the good things they are.